Village Bus Service

CVE Master Management provides free bus service within the Village and to points in the surrounding area. Transportation vehicles and staff are provided by Transdev and supervised by Transdev General Manager Craig Garcia. The Transportation office is located at 3501 West Drive (the CVE Management building) on the south side of the building.

This service includes an Internal Route that stays inside of CVE and brings residents to and from the Clubhouse, and the East, West, and Express Bus Routes, which take you to specific locations around Deerfield Beach.

Guests On the Bus: Please make an additional note that if a guest does NOT have a guest pass, they will not be allowed on the bus without a Resident as an escort.

CVE IDs on Buses: All residents MUST show their CVE ID upon boarding any routes when leaving or entering the Village. The ID check when boarding within the village is to ensure that you do not find yourself outside the village, seeking a ride home, without proper ID. The ID check when boarding outside the village is to ensure only authorized riders are transported into the village.  Please be respectful to our transportation staff when asking for your ID. Drivers do not have the authority to be flexible on this security requirement.

Live Bus Tracker

Village Bus Route Schedule

The complete scheduling for the Internal Bus Route is listed on the CVE Bus Schedule.

Internal Village Bus Route Map

The complete route map for bus routes inside the Village. Internal Bus Routes.

External Village Bus Route Map

The complete route map for village bus routes outside the Village. External Bus Routes.

Guest Passes

If you purchase a Guest Pass, your guest will have access to the free bus system within the Village as well.   If a guest does NOT have a guest pass, they will not be allowed on the bus without a resident as an escort.

External Bus Service

Broward County Bus Service

CVE Master Management has also arranged for the Broward County Bus Service to stop at Century Village East. Please note: Broward County buses require a fare. You may come into the Clubhouse and pick up a schedule at the Staff Information Office. 

View the Transit Map (PDF) for all of Broward.

Deerfield Beach Free Community Bus Schedule

The City of Deerfield Beach and Broward County Transit (BCT) have partnered to provide the Express I and II routes. All buses utilized on these routes are air-conditioned and wheelchair accessible in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Bicycle racks are also provided. The Express I and II Community Bus Routes are FREE but riders making connections to BCT routes are expected to pay the appropriate fares.

TOPS! Ride-Sharing Program

View the criteria and forms (PDF) to apply for TOPS! from Broward County Transit. Broward County provides shared-ride, door-to-door transportation programs for individuals who are prohibited from using the Broward County Transit (BCT) fixed-route bus service due to physical and/or mental disabilities.