Community Rules


General Community Guidelines

We created the following Community Guidelines so we can all foster and protect this amazing community and make sure we all stay safe.

Master Management Welcomes New Security Team Leaders

There is a new team leading the security force in the Village. Allied Universal Security Director Liana Zito (left) and Assistant Director of Security Michael DiPietro (right) are now assigned to head up security in Century Village East. The new leadership follows promises by both Allied and Master Management to further improve the services provided by officers across the village.
If you have any questions or would like to welcome them to the community, please stop by the Master Management office!

Keeping You Safe and Secure

Security is a top priority at Century Village East and guards are posted at each gate to ensure that no one enters the Village without proper authorization. All residents must possess proper identification to enter the Village and visitors must be called in by a resident through the Main Gate, i.e. relatives, friends, repair people, food deliveries, taxi/limousine service.

Security is also posted at each door of the Clubhouse to ensure that only residents and their guests enter the building. Security has two “Rovers” patrolling around the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to observe and address security concerns within the Village.

We also recommend all residents observe reasonable caution, such as always locking the car, never leaving valuables visible, securing your doors and windows when the condo is vacant, and never opening the door to unknown persons. It is recommended that if you see someone acting suspicious, walking around, looking in windows or trying doors you call 911 first, then call security.

  • Gate House (Machine) - 954-421-2556
  • Gate House (Person) - 954-421-3552
  • Security Office - (954) 421-5566 ext. 161
  • 24 Hour Emergency - 954-421-3552

Bulk Trash

ALL BULK TRASH will only be collected on WEDNESDAYS. It is MANDATORY for all BULK TRASH to be put out every TUESDAY going forward.

The City of Deerfield Beach is no longer collecting recycling inside CVE

IT’S OVER! The City of Deerfield Beach is no longer collecting recycling inside CVE.

The change, which took effect October 1, is due to the Village’s inability to stop dumping non-recyclable items in the recycling bins.

Over the past year, Master Management has communicated to residents the importance of proper recycling. From video messages and emails to in-person pleas, Master Management warned residents the city would end collections if contamination rates did not improve.

Blue recycling dumpsters at the condos will be slowly replaced with green trash dumpsters. Everything thrown in any condo dumpster or bin will now be collected as trash.

If you want to keep recycling, you will need to take your items to a bin located outside the Village behind the fire station on Powerline Road.

Community Guidelines

No Animals allowed on Master Management property (Service animals and/or emotional support animals are an exclusion).

No use of City water by any Association (except for routine power washing) without written permission from Master Management. Personal/individual use is NOT allowed under any circumstances.

Walkers / Joggers / Bicyclists
1. Make use of sidewalks/pathways (Yes, pedestrians have the right of way, but that only works if the driver “sees” you)
2. Invest in reflective clothing
3. Wear light/bright colors, especially in the evening hours
4. Although bicycles have reflectors, a blinker makes you more visible; also, from sunset to sunrise, the law requires you to have a headlight and a red blinking rear light, and a helmet is also required
5. When driving through the village, please obey speed limits; the Sheriff’s Department is authorized to monitor and enforce traffic laws in the Village
6. Three or four way stop: The first car to the intersection, after stopping, is the first car to proceed through the intersection

Life is busy. Think how it would forever change your/their life if you hit someone. Please take a moment to decide to make this, your neighborhood, a safe one. Each of us can make a difference! As we all advance in our age, our reflexes are not as swift and our eyesight is not as sharp. We may be fighting illness, effects of medication we are taking, or talking on our cell phones. And please remember: A LITTLE COURTESY GOES A LONG WAY!

Commonly Asked Questions
DISCLAIMER: The following is COOCVE’s understanding of the rules and regulations governing this community. These rules and regulations are covered under Florida Statutes 718 (condominiums) and your building documents. Since every condo association has made amendments to their building documents, the rules cited are from one set of condo documents and may not apply to all condo associations. Nothing stated is to be considered as legal advice.

Question 1: I am a unit owner but I am not a board member. Can I attend board meetings?
Answer 1: Unless your board is meeting with their attorney to discuss proposed or pending litigation or to discuss personnel matters, you are allowed to attend any and all board meetings. See Chapter 718 Florida Statutes, section 718.112(2)(c)

Question 2: I want to sell (or rent) my apartment. Can I put a sign in my window?
Answer 2: No. Condominium Bylaw 12.1 (j) states: “No sign, advertisement, notice or other lettering shall be exhibited, displayed, inscribed, painted or affixed in, on, or upon any part of the Condominium Unit that is visible from outside the Unit or Condominium Property.”

Question 3: A neighbor has two cars and is constantly using a guest space as his exclusive space. Can they do this?
Answer 3: No. Section 12.1 (h) (1) of the Condominium Bylaws states: ”No UNIT OWNER shall have the exclusive right to use or the exclusive use of any one guest parking space.” In this same paragraph it also states: “Vehicles improperly parked may be towed away at owners’ expense as provided for by Section 715.07, Florida Statutes (1979).” Note: Section 12.1 (h) (1) was a 1981 amendment to the Bylaws.

Question 4: My condo association pays its officers and directors a yearly salary. Is this legal?
Answer 4: The Florida Statutes Section 718.112 state that the directors and officers cannot receive compensation for their services UNLESS the bylaws of that association specifically permit compensation to be paid.

Question 5: Must I give a duplicate of my front door key to the condo board?
Answer 5: Yes. See Sec. 12.1(l) of your condo bylaws: “The ASSOCIATION shall retain a pass key to all UNITS.

Identification Cards

Residents must have working, valid bar code, Century Village East ID or Photo ID with Century Village East address

When you become an owner or renter, recreation will issue you a picture ID card that enables you to use the recreation facilities, purchase show tickets, attend classes, etc. Many residents also use this card to facilitate coming in or out of the Village. Your ID number is located on the bottom, left hand corner of this card. This number is used to identify you as a valid owner/renter residing in Century Village.

To acquire or replace an ID card you must come to the ID Office located on the ground floor of the Clubhouse (across from the Ticket Office). If you purchased a Guest Pass or have one on the back of your ID card, guests will have access to the free bus system within the Village.

If your ID is not valid and gets confiscated, here are the steps that you need to take to get your ID updated:

When entering the clubhouse, inform the Security Guard at the door that your card was confiscated and he/she will escort you to the CEN Club ID Office. The Staff will assist you in getting your ID revalidated. The cost for the new ID is $5.00 even if the card was confiscated. If you don’t have your old ID the cost will be $10.00. All old ID cards taken by Security will be returned to the ID office.

Please note that if your ID is confiscated this has nothing to do with your barcode. Your barcodes are still operational. You will have access to the village.

Allow 24 hours for your ID to be surrendered to the CEN Club ID office. After your old ID is confiscated, please allow 24 hours for your ID to be returned to the ID Office. If you have any questions, please call CEN Club ID office at 954-428-6892 Ext. 3.

ID Office
Monday - Friday
9.00am - 4.30pm
Wednesday until 7.00pm
954-428-6892 Option 3

Using Your Identification Cards at the Security Gate Entry Points

All residents must possess proper identification to enter the Village

Non-residents must show Photo ID for gate entry and will be admitted only if resident calls in to Security. All persons and vehicles refused gate entry will be asked to leave, and upon failure to do so, will be deemed trespassers. Invalid Century Village East ID Cards displayed by persons other than legal owner/resident may be confiscated.

Q. How do I get my guests (including repairmen, movers, etc.) through the gate?
A. If your phone number has been registered with Security, you should call the Main Gate and, on the recorded system (954-421-2556), state the names of all the guests that you are expecting: i.e. relatives, friends, repair people, food deliveries, taxi/limousine service. Please be sure to inform all guests that they must know your name and address. If your phone is not registered with Security you will need to speak to a Security Officer at the main gate – call 954-421-3552. DO NOT GIVE YOUR KEY to a repairman as they can easily duplicate the key and have access to your condo; instead, arrange for someone to open the door for them. Remember to check references on workers, aides, etc. before allowing anyone to provide any type of service to yourself or access to your home.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to call in your guests/visitors will delay their entrance into Century Village and cause a backup at the main gate.