Two items that COOCVE has been working on.

1. Lethal Bronzing: the disease affecting palm trees. Palms include: Date, Fan, Sable, Queen, Bismark, Christmas, Coconut. We’ve learned that the disease is prevalent in northern and western Florida and is now moving into our area. CenClub lost a big Sylvester date palm by the clubhouse. Once a tree gets lethal bronzing, it dies within a week and must be immediately removed. There is no treatment, but there is an injection that may protect the trees: the antibiotic oxytetracycline given twice (or more) a year for at least 2 years. Each Association will have to weigh the price of prevention vs. the cost of replacing their palms.

COOCVE has spoken to The Tree Doctor and to Pink & Green Landscapers to see if they will offer a bulk price for the injections. We will let you know if we get a response.

2. Applications for Purchase: At the President’s Forum, several Presidents complained that they were getting Applications only a few days before the closings. They heard that if an application has not been approved / rejected within 30 days that it is automatically approved. Not true!

We did some research and learned that the 30 days is apparently not a state statute, but rather is in our Documents (Article 12.2) But……..the 30 days begins after the Association Board has all the information, including any additional information they request. Check your Documents. The Legislature may have worked on a similar bill, but we have no definite info about this yet. Please know that Association Boards have time to review applications and schedule interviews, even if it means asking the Buyer’s Agent to postpone the closing. The CenClub generated Certificate of Approval is not valid until the Board signs it.