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If you have questions or concerns regarding any association, building, ownership or other COOCVE related issue, please visit the COOCVE information portal first at and, if you still have a question, contact:

FIRST – Your Association President
SECOND – Your Area Chairperson

They will be happy to assist you or obtain the answer or information you need. If you have visited the website and contacted both and have still not received the assistance you need, please call the COOCVE office Monday – Thursday, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm to make an appointment with or speak to a COOCVE officer.

Century Village East Clubhouse
2400 Century Blvd.
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
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Century Village East was legally established as a community of condominium associations. Each of our 253 associations is an independent corporation responsible for its own property within its own property lines, i.e., building, parking, land, etc. We occupy within our borders, approximately 750 total acres, 450 of which encompass the property that does not including the waterways, golf course and restaurant. Although the waterways belong to the village, the golf course and restaurant do not. They each are privately owned and operated.

Associations have their own Board of Directors responsible for budgeting, administration, care and upkeep of their respective property. All association members (unit owners) pay an annual assessment for their portion of the costs.

Associations are governed under the Florida Statute, Chapter 718. This statute is specific to Condominium Associations only. Regardless of what is in the respective by laws of these organizations, whatever is stated in Chapter 718 has precedence. You can research Florida Statute, Chapter 718 online by clicking here:


Area and letter, i.e., Cambridge D, identify Associations/buildings. We have two types of buildings in the village. Each type comes in a few different sizes and varying unit styles:

2-Story Garden
192 buildings in the Village ranging from 16, 20 and 24-units per building. They are comprised of mixed 1 bed/1 bath, 1 bed/2 bath and 2 bed/1.5 bath.

4-Story High Rise
62 buildings in the Village ranging from 56, 64, 72, 80 and 96-units per building. They are comprised of luxury 2 bed/2 bath units and deluxe mixed 1 bed/1 bath, 1 bed/2 bath, 2 bed/1.5 bath.

1. ASHBY 4 (A-D) 228
2. BERKSHIRE 5 (A-E) 328
3. CAMBRIDGE 7 (A-G) 560
4. DURHAM 25 (A-Y) 708
5. ELLESMERE 5 (A-E) 212
6. FARNHAM 17 (A-Q) 484
7. GRANTHAM 6 (A-F) 344
8. HARWOOD 10 (A-J) 468
9. ISLEWOOD 4 (A-D) 152
10. KESWICK 3 (A-C) 104
11. LYNDHURST 14 (A-N) 480
12. MARKHAM 20 (A-T) 440
13. NEWPORT 22 (A-V) 796
14. OAKRIDGE 22 (A-V) 688
15. PRESCOTT 15 (A-O) 300
16. RICHMOND 6 (A-F) 256
17. SWANSEA 2/1* (A-B) 144
18. TILFORD 24 (A-X) 532
19. UPMINSTER 13 (A-M) 352
20. VENTNOR 18 (A-S) 544
21. WESTBURY 12 (A-L) 388
TOTAL 254 Buildings, 253 Associations 8,508

* Swansea has 2 buildings incorporated as one association.


Condominium Owners Organization of Century Village East (COOCVE)

The Associations/buildings together comprise the Condominium Owners Organization of Century Village East or what is better known as COOCVE (pronounced COOK VEE). COOCVE is the organization focused around issues related to the 253 associations. COOCVE provides community leadership dealing with city or county matters as well as providing educational seminars. It strives to resolve problems or supply information to both association boards and their residents. Any of the 253 associations can become a member of COOCVE, with voting representation depending on the number of units per building. Gardens have 1 COOCVE Director (voting representative) and buildings with 56 or 64 units have 2 COOCVE Directors and those buildings with more than 64 units have 3 COOCVE Directors.

The COOCVE Directors (and one COOCVE Alternate Director) are elected by the unit owners of each member association. The COOCVE Directors act as the “congress” of Century Village East. The COOCVE Board consisting of all the elected COOCVE Directors usually meet on the third Tuesday of each month. The COOCVE Directors elect COOCVE Officers (President, 1st, 2nd and 3rd VP, etc.), the seven members of the CenClub Board of Directors and the nine Board Members of Master Management. There are several committees within the COOCVE structure not elected by the Directors like Advisory, Insurance, etc., each with its own important function and role. At an annual election, the COOCVE Directors elect about one-third of the Master Management Board for a three year term, about one-half of the CenClub Board of Directors for a two-year term, and every other year, elect the COOCVE officers for a two-year term. all volunteers. Note: The COOCVE Alternate Directors vote if their respective COOCVE Directors are not present. The best and most comprehensive way to learn about COOCVE is to visit

2020 COOCVE Officers

Officer Name
President Sylvia Smaldone
1st Vice President Richard Rosenzweig
2nd Vice President Macky Bachelor
Comptroller Alan Schwartz
Treasurer Howard Drandoff
Secretary Open


2022 Area Chairs & Vice Chairs

Association Chair Vice Chair
ASHBY Kathleen Welles  
BERKSHIRE Isaac Robin Naomi Redisch
CAMBRIDGE Eileen Bauer  
DURHAM Josephine Cricchio Jim Negele
ELLESMERE Sheila Pascar Angele Lachance
FARNHAM Toni Mille Nancy Mallette
GRANTHAM Eugene Goldman Doreen Shane
HARWOOD Bernie Parness  
ISLEWOOD Herb Charnitsky  
KESWICK Irving Kulik Judith Stagliano
LYNDHURST Jeff Kohn Clifford Prupas
MARKHAM Michael Hague Cecelia Mendez
NEWPORT Pam Wojtowicz Jerry Cendaleria
OAKRIDGE Rita Pickar Melvin Nass
PRESCOTT Joel Greenbaum  
RICHMOND Stanley Spitzer David Feldman
SWANSEA Peter Zambito  
TILFORD Sylvia Smaldone Dailda Tayler
UPMINSTER Harriet Drandoff Michael Routburg
VENTNOR Charlie Parness Howard Robbins
Harriet Drandoff Chair of the Council of Area Chairs  
Judith Stagliano Council Area Vice Chair