Fees & Assesments


Community Fees & Assessments

Payment of fees and assessments is the responsibility of every unit owner. These payments are used for operating, maintaining, repairing, replacing and modernizing our various association buildings and community and recreation properties. Also covered are services like landscaping, janitorial, transportation, lighting, security, trash removal, cable, etc.

Please click here to view the Florida Statute that discusses this payment responsibility.

Master Management, CenClub and Associations all have budgets that must be funded for running day-to-day operations. Associations/buildings are the only ones mandated under the Florida Statute 718, to budget adequate “reserves” for capital expenditures and deferred maintenance, as in future replacement of roofs, parking areas, painting and many now include elevators and lifts as well.

Both Master Management and CenClub will likely use a special assessment as their way to fund a major capital expenditure. Unlike associations, these two bodies do not have a “reserve” requirement, so instead of just building saving that can be spent any way whomever is voted into office each decides, the special assessment is a safeguard tool intended to ensure funds are collected separately for and spent only on specific, defined project. This is a way of protecting the owner’s investment in getting major projects done.

Fortunately, we are a large community, with many unit owners. Unlike association special assessments that are spread out over the number of units in the building, a special assessment levied by Master Management or CenClub is spread out over 8,508 unit owners in the village. Our size is an advantage. It strengthens our buying power when we purchase as a community and spreads out costs over a large number of owners.

Breakdown of Fees

There are three (3) regular monthly payments: 1. Master Management, 2. CenClub, and 3. Building Associations. In addition, there may be special assessment payments. For information on special assessments, residents should refer to the appropriate party charging the assessment. You may elect to have your payments automatically debited from your account; in order to obtain auto-debit forms, please see the CenClub Office or contact Seacrest Services. Otherwise, you may send in your payment via mail, or deposit your payments in drop boxes that have been provided inside and outside the Clubhouse for your convenience.

Master Management

All unit owners share costs equally based on the annual budget for maintaining community services and facilities, which may include:

  • Security system (including
    guard stations)
  • Transportation (internal trolley
    & external city bus service)
  • Community lighting systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Road systems (Century Blvd.,
    East & West Dr.), traffic ways,
    bike paths and walkways
  • Lagoons, lakes, canal systems
    and waterways
  • Providing water, sewage
    disposal & garbage collection
  • Cable
  • Swales, entrances, guardhouses,
    parks (preserve woodland in
    the Oakridge area)
  • Sanitation
  • Buildings & structures owned
    by Master Management (office
    bldg, activities building, pool
    and tennis courts all located
    in the Tilford area)

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CenClub collects and processes the monthly lease payments for each unit along with the recreation fees required
to operate and maintain all the recreation facilities. The recreation operating costs are supervised and administered by the Recreation Committee, consisting of seven members who are also elected by and report to the COOCVE Directors. Keeping our buildings and community appearance, operation, services and amenities attractive by today’s standards and in good working order helps maintain reasonable property values. We cannot control market conditions but we can do what is needed to remain a desirable place to own or buy, now and in the future. Amount may vary per unit owner according to size and model of unit owned. Long-term lease for operation of multiple facilities, including:

  • Clubhouse
  • Theatre (movies, stage shows)
  • 17 tennis courts
  • 18 shuffleboard courts
  • 15 of the 16 swimming
  • pools/bath houses

  • Volleyball court
  • Petanque courts
  • Social programs
  • Classes

Building Associations

Association/building operating expenses, which include administrative, day-to-day operating costs and the small COOCVE dues. These day-to-day expenses may include basic janitorial, maintenance, landscaping, irrigation, pest control, and office and management services. Reserve account for capital expenditures and deferred maintenance, i.e., roofing, paving, painting, elevators or lifts (if applicable), etc. Association insurance premium that covers building structure damage due fire, flood, wind, general liability, directors and officers liability, etc. Amounts may vary per unit owner according to size & model of unit/apartment owned, as stated in your association by laws.