COOCVE strives to promote useful sharing of information between its members. Here are two pieces contributed by members that address issues of interest to you.

(1) Property Scam in Florida: Thanks to Pat Couture (Pres. of Islewood C) and Harry Schizgal (Pres. of Oakridge A), COOCVE learned of an on-going property scam in Florida that involves dishonest people making changes to your property records. For example, some people have found ways to change the owners name to theirs and take over ownership of your property. Once they have ownership, without you knowing, they borrow money against the property. There is a way to protect yourself by having your property monitored. It’s called Owner Alert. Visit the Broward County Property Appraiser’s website ( and check Owner Alert, which will be the first thing on the top of the page. You will need your property id. If you don’t know the number, you can search for it there using your name or property address. You will also need proof of ownership, such as a Florida driver’s license, or a copy of a utility bill or insurance bill.

Please share this information with Owners in your Building.

(2) Update on lethal bronzing, which is affecting Florida palm trees. We received a bid for treatment of antibiotics from Pink & Green Landscapers: $80 per tree. This is prohibitively expensive. At least 3 generous treatments a year are needed per tree for at least two years. (Each trunk of a triple palm must be treated separately.) CenCLub paid $50 per tree through their landscaper and Palm Doctor. Also more than most Christmas palms and Robellini palms are worth. From what we understand, Foxtail palms are not at risk.

Thanks to Fred Rosenzveig (Pres., Grantham A), we now have another option. There is a bulk treatment manufacturer and supplier,, who can supply complete treatment kits with enough product to do 75 applications for only $72. There is a larger scale Commercial kit for $495 with antibiotic (OTC) doses and equipment to do 150 treatments, sufficient for a large property or several smaller ones. The treatments themselves are essentially DIY, with complete instructions included. They consist of using the supplied drill bit to make a 45degree angle hole 2 feet above ground level and inject it with the material supplied.


Again, it is up to each building to decide what course of action is best for their property.

COOCVE Executive Board