Ribbon cutting and special procession planned to mark opening of the gate

Better access and better resident safety!

These are the highlights of the new West Gate grand opening expected in the next one to two weeks . A ribbon cutting will mark the opening of the new entrance that will not only improve resident access, but also make it easier for fire rescue to respond inside the Village.

The redesign of the entrance improves resident access by offering a resident-only bar code lane allowing residents to enter without waiting behind a line of visitors (the visitor lane can also be used by residents with bar codes). But perhaps more importantly, the additional lane reduces the amount of time it takes first responders to reach a call inside the Village.

The opening of the West Gate will mark the completed renovation of two of the three entrances to the Village. The complete redesign of the main entrance is scheduled for next summer.

You can always find the latest information about Master Management’s projects on our website:

Keep an eye out for an email inviting you to the ribbon cutting at the new West Guard House. Invite coming sometime in the next few days!

Register NOW to vote by mail in August primary

Continuing health concerns regarding gathering in crowds should not prevent you from voting in next month’s primary election.

You can avoid the polls and vote by mail from the safety of your home. However, you need to do a few things first.

You MUST REQUEST a mail-in ballot NOW. You can make the request several ways. You may visit the Broward Supervisor of Elections website, or you can call the Broward Supervisor of Elections office. Click the links below or call 954-357-7055.


Under the lights!

Play ball!

The lighting of the Tilford pickleball courts is now complete. Enjoy one of the nation’s fastest-growing sports without worrying about when the sun goes down.


Stepped up enforcement is underway

Master Management’s paid extra BSO patrols are now catching speeders, stop sign runners, and other violators
The Broward Sheriff’s Office is now on duty inside the Village.
We won’t tell you where they are, or when they are here but if you are still rolling through stop signs or speeding down the roadways, YOU WILL BE CAUGHT.
The tickets are REAL! They are the same fines and penalties you face if pulled over anywhere in the county.
The extra patrols are being paid for by Master Management.

Is your building benefiting from the BSO patrols?

The only way your street becomes safer is if your building Board of Directors has signed an agreement with Master Management. Master Management won’t include the building-owned roadways around the buildings as part of the new BSO patrols without permission. Contact your building president and make sure they have signed the agreement. If not, BSO can’t patrol the roadway outside your front door.

The latest on FDOT’s SW 10th Street plans

Watch the recent webinar presented by the state
Learn the latest design for SW 10th Street

The Florida Department of Transportation recently hosted webinars on the latest SW 10th Street plans.

If you missed them, you can find a link on Master Management’s website.


Message from the Executive Director

Summer Means Mega-progress here in the Village

The peak of the summer is upon us and that means we are in the midst of major Village improvements!
Here’s just a partial list of the improvements we are working on this summer:
  • New fountains in the lakes
  • Repaving of the neighborhoods
  • Construction of a new West Drive entrance
  • New landscaping
  • Repairing / replacing various street lights
  • Renovating the Le Club complex
  • Resurfacing the Le Club complex parking lot
As you can see, things are pretty busy around here.
Meanwhile, I want to remind you to continue to abide by all rules and recommendations regarding masks, social distancing, and all other efforts to protect us from coronavirus. Make sure you know the latest rules for using the Clubhouse, riding the buses, and more.
Finally, I hope you had a safe Fourth of July holiday, and I wish you a continued safe and happy rest of the summer.
Please remember, if you need to visit the Master Management office, please wear a mask. Better yet, give us a call. I am sure almost everything you need can be taken care of over the phone. You can also email us at
Stay safe.
Vallen Smikle, LCAM
Executive Director
Master Management