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If you have a problem involving your building, you should contact your building president or director for his/her advice and help. If you have noted a problem regarding something outside your association (common areas) you should contact your building president who in turn will notify Master Management.

Maintenance Issues

If you are in need of a handy man to do work inside your apartment, contact a local licensed and insured contractor in the yellow pages. The majority of the residents in Century Village purchase individual service contracts, which covers appliances and plumbing.

Master Management
3501 West Drive
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442


Master Management: Century Village East Community Services

The responsibility for providing community services and caring for community facilities falls with Master Management including:

  • Security system (including guard stations)
  • Transportation (internal trolley & external city bus service)
  • Community lighting systems
  • Irrigation systems
  • Road systems (Century Blvd, East and West Drive), traffic ways, bike paths and walkways
  • Lagoons, lakes, canal systems and waterways
  • Providing water, sewage disposal and garbage collection
  • Cable
  • Swales, entrances, guardhouses, parks (preserve woodland in the Oakridge area)
  • Sanitation
  • Buildings and structures owned by Master Management (Office building, Le Club Conference & Activities Center, pool and tennis courts all located in the Tilford area)

Master Management is committed to ensuring that residents have the latest information on all the capital and infrastructure projects in Century Village East (CVE). You can see the latest information on their hard work and how they are ensuring CVE remains a world-class residential destination at Please visit for the latest project information.

All 8,508 unit owners share equally in the community services and facilities. Every unit owner signs an agreement with Master Management when they purchase and that agreement can be found in your own condo documents. This Master Management Agreement has nothing to do with the buildings/ associations or any contracts or services provided for the associations. It is an agreement between each unit owner and Master Management directly and applies to care and provision of community services and facilities only.

The COOCVE Directors elect the 9 Master Management Board Members. These Board Members normally serve a 3-year term, with a rotation of 3 members coming up for election every year. This allows for continuity in the operation of the business. Those Board Members then elect their own officers.

The Master Management Board makes all budget and operations decisions for care and maintenance of the community services, facilities and property independent of the COOCVE Directors. Due to its size and responsibility ($8 million corporation in 2008), Master Management has been transitioning out of being run by an ever-changing group of retired volunteers into a strong and stable company run by professionals, accountable to the Board of Directors. In the best interest of the community, the Board should be functioning as a governing and policy making body only, leaving the day to day carrying out of all the work in the hands of qualified employees. Board meetings are normally held 5 days before the COOCVE meeting, and that most often falls on the 2nd Thursday of the month. All are welcome.

Master Management is governed under the Florida Statute, Chapter 617, titled Corporations Not for Profit. Regardless of what is in the respective by laws of these organizations, whatever is stated in Chapter 617 has precedence. You can research Florida Statue, Chapter 617 on line by clicking on the address below.

2020 Board of Directors

NameOfficerTerm Expires
Eli OkunPresident2020
Barry Warhoftig1st Vice-President2023
Pierre Laliberte2nd Vice-President2021
Joe ManeyTreasurer2020
Pat Bidol-PadvaSecretary2020
Gene GoldmanDirector2023
Michael RoutburgDirector2021
Joe RobozDirector2021
Joann HallDirector2020

Master Management Meeting Minutes Archive