President Gene Goldman called to order the regular meeting of the elected volunteer Board of Directors of CVE Master Management at 9:34 a.m.


Gene informed the audience of the sign-in sheet in the back of the room if they wish to speak at Open Mic, and may address the Board if name is not on the list if time permits.


Roll Call:

Present – Gene Goldman, Michael Routburg, Marjorie Kopacsi, Mel Nass


Remote – Fred Rosenzveig, Barry Warhoftig, Pierre Laliberté


Absent – Dick Ciocca, Joe Roboz


Gene noted in attendance: Charles Parness, President of COOCVE; Rita Pikar, Chairperson of the COOCVE Recreation Advisory Committee; and Silvia Smaldone, Chairperson of the Council of Area Chairmen.


Following the Pledge of Allegiance, a moment of silence was held for those who gave their lives in service to preserve our democracy.


Meeting Minutes:                                                                                                  (9:37:02 a.m.)

The Board approved the Minutes of the June 12, 2017, MM Executive Session Meeting; and June 15, 2017, MM Board Meeting as presented.


President’s Report – Gene Goldman, President:                                                 (9:37:54 a.m.)

  • Announcement –

Gene advised all meetings, including Recreation Advisory Committee, COOCVE, Area Chair, and Executive Committees are recorded and viewable on the internet at Residents can register and sign in to view recordings going back several years.


  • Golf Course Property –        (9:38:44 a.m.)

Although no formal information has been received, Gene reported it is MM’s understanding Toll Brothers will be conducting extensive testing and planning for the next several months to present the City with a proposal and public hearing. MM will inform the Community of updates as available.


  • Gatehouses –      (9:39:30 a.m.)

Gene reminded Residents of the extensive legal proceedings against MM for many years, often in defending the Village Residents. And more recently, for many challenges related to MM’s ability to provide certain services for Residents which impacted the proposed additional incoming lanes and new gatehouses to alleviate the traffic at the Village entrances. Although there have been difficult legal matters, Gene was pleased to announce the MM Board of Directors have decided to commence the Gatehouse Project beginning at the East Gate within four weeks and hoped for completion by the beginning of the season. A follow-up announcement will be made regarding plans for the other two gatehouse. A round of applause ensued.



Executive Director’s Report – Kelly O’Meara Hampton:

1) Paving Project –                                                                                          (9:41:29 a.m.)

Guest speaker, Bill Francis from A&E Engineering, was introduced by Kelly and provided an overview of his training and experience and described his firm’s duties and responsibilities as construction administration for the Paving Project; to oversee quality control and to ensure the plans and paving are within DOT standards and specifications. Bill provided a detailed outline of how the decisions were made to alter the sidewalk design (walking/biking/exercise pathways) and entrance alterations.

Bill addressed questions and comments by the Board. A round of applause ensued. (Refer to time stamp for full extensive discussion.)


Financial Report – Kelly O’Meara Hampton:                                                           (10:08:19 a.m.)

For the month ending June 30, 2017, the Revenue was $998,868 and Expenses were $943,324. The Net Revenue exceeded Expenses by $55,544.07. YTD Revenue was $6,008,311 and YTD Expenses were $5,878,083. The YTD Revenue exceeded Expenses by $130,228.


The balance sheet is showing Cash on Hand of $1,241,316. The Net Assessments Receivable on uncollected items was $230,245. Total Assets were $3,447,419 with Total Liabilities of $3,378,593 and a Total Net Equity of $68,826.


Per Member comments, Kelly confirmed MM has been in the “Black” for some time, the coupon reduction this year, and the progress made. The extra Cash on Hand would be utilized for big projects previously discussed. (See Executive Director’s continued report below.)


Executive Director’s Report Cont. – Kelly O’Meara Hampton:                          (10:10:29 a.m.)  

  • East Gatehouse –                    

Kelly anticipated construction on the East Gatehouse to begin in the next 30 days or so to completion within two months. Updates via email blasts will be provided.


  • Paving Project Cont. –                   (10:10:48 a.m.)  

As previously discussed (See Executive Director’s report above), the Paving Project has begun with area cutouts for alterations and will be filled back in with soil and additional sod. Kelly reminded Residents to register on their website at for the latest updates and information.


  • Bus Schedule –     (10:11:28 a.m.)  

Kelly acknowledged the negative feedback regarding the temporary bus schedule changes, and advised effective August 1st the buses will run hourly until further notice due to the paving project and apologized for any inconvenience. She suggested freezer bags and cooler bars for groceries. Bus schedules are available at the Clubhouse, and were available at the meeting.


  • Village Area Lighting –                                                                  (10:13:11 a.m.)

Kelly explained a photometric study would be complicated but was needed in order to determine lighting needs for the Village parking lots. The results of the study would be brought to the Board for review to proceed with funding and establish a time line.   All associations will be contacted to sign off on agreement to allow MM on their property to work on the replacement or addition of disc-top lights. As previously discussed, there will be no cost to the buildings.



  • Perimeter Wall Project –                (10:14:20 a.m.)

Kelly pointed out a trailer in the parking lot contains a sample of the perimeter wall painted the Gatehouse color, grey wall with white top, and will add white decorative caps every 20 feet for Resident’s view. MM is looking at an 8-foot in height wall; however, the sample is 6 feet tall. Kelly hoped to provide a proposal to the Board for approval in the next coming months, anticipating a multi-year time frame from planning and permit to build.


  • Benches –                                                          (10:15:11 a.m.)

As reported at the Area Chair Meeting, many old benches were left with notices inadvertently/mistakenly placed on association property indicating bench removal in the next 30 days. The intention was to alert to safety issues and advised MM does not have authority to do that and apologized. As a courtesy, Kelly offered associations to contact MM Customer Service for removal of unwanted, unused benches and any pavers, noting liability issues exist with broken pavers.


  • Tree Installation Project –                                                          (10:16:28 a.m.)

Kelly said 50 trees on the perimeter of Century Village will be installed with the next two weeks and hoped to have them in prior to the paving in the particular areas.


As a result of the activity along Century Boulevard, Kelly reminded Residents to allow additional travel time for possible congestion.


  • Traffic Safety Project –                                                          (10:17:03 a.m.)

Barry was introduced by Kelly and provided an update on Phase 2. He said by the end of the month approximately 7 areas and respective roadways will be completed with new and updated signage.   Barry explained if the new motion is passed the remaining 15 areas or so will be worked on next. The lengthy signage process includes stops, speed limits, street names, pedestrian crossings, signs with reflective striping and directional. All signage is in accordance with national and FDOT standards and specifications. To date, the project has made great strides, all together there are 1,200 to 1,300 sign locations which will greatly improve and enhance Village safety to both pedestrians and drivers.


Kelly was hopeful for project completion by the end of the year to be able to go back to the City to ask for BSO’s presence in community early next year.


(Refer to Time Stamp for full discussion.)



Unfinished –                                                                                                   (10:20:37 a.m.)


New –                                                                                                                              

  • Photometric Study Proposal –

Kelly requested a revision to the contract for additional funds for an engineering firm to use photometric study results to prepare and plan Village lighting accordingly.


Fred Rosenzveig moved to authorize the Executive Director to approve the photometric study as previously presented for a maximum expenditure of $220,000. Michael Routburg seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.



  • Traffic Safety Project – Phase 2.2 –                                          (10:22:42 a.m.)


Michael Routburg moved to authorize the Executive Director to approve Phase 2.2 and completion of the Traffic Safety Project for a total of $322,406 for additional signs for areas that have not yet been updated. Mel Nass seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


  • Hyvac Proposal – A/C in LeClub –    (10:23:27 a.m.)

Kelly request the following motion for replacement of 30-ton A/C unit for LeClub:


Michael Routburg moved to authorize the Executive Director to approve the proposal as presented by Hyvac, to replace the air conditioning units in LeClub at $37,575 with a 10% contingency, for a total cost not to exceed $41,333. Marjorie Kopacsi seconded the motion.


Following discussion regarding warranty, the vote was taken and the motion passed unanimously. (Refer to Time Stamp for full discussion.)

                                                                                                                             (10:25:38 a.m.)

Moving the meeting from the agenda, Gene reported the A/C units in the MM office have been malfunctioning, rendering near impossible working conditions for staff members. Additionally, in the event the HVAC system in the MM office fails, causing an unworkable environment and considering the need to keep the office open for the benefit of the community, the following motion was made:


Gene Goldman moved to authorize the Executive Director to proceed with repair or replacement of the system in accordance with MM’s emergency procedures without further action on the part of the Board. Barry Warhoftig seconded the motion.


Following request for quotes, the motion passed unanimously.

Per Member inquiry, Kelly confirmed there are maintenance contracts on MM equipment. (Refer to Time Stamp for full discussion.)

Member Comments:                                                                                             (10:29:43 a.m.)

Fred was delighted the long overdue lighting upgrades and much needed safety features were underway to allow BSO to monitor Village traffic; looks forward to returning to the Village to view the progress.


Barry concurred with Fred, the issues were long overdue and so many of the Village needs are finally being met and thinks all the Residents will benefit in some way, making the community much better place to live and work with.


Michael was excited Kelly and the whole staff have begun work on the new projects and safety features throughout the Village and is looking forward to next year.


Marjorie thanked everyone for attending and suggested bringing a new person with them to the next meeting so the information can be seen and heard on a regular basis, and felt bringing everyone together in unity was important.


Mel was in strong favor of today’s three approved projects and desired to inform the community as to where the $575,000 would be coming from. Kelly explained the projects approved would be funded from the West Gate projects that will not go forward. Although preliminary, should lighting and perimeter wall go forward a loan situation might have to be considered and all decisions will be discussed by the Board.


Gene pointed out a previous, well-thought-out and well-planned loan for the irrigation system served its purpose and was successfully paid off. He said Century Village was called “The secret of South Florida” because of all the benefits and low cost, but when the projects are completed the Village will be “The pride of South Florida.”


Adjourn:                                                                                                               (10:34:29 a.m.)

Meeting was adjourned at 10:34 a.m.



The next regular MM Board Meeting is scheduled for August 10, 2017, at 9:30 a.m. in the Activities Center.


(For greater detail, those wishing to hear all comments, discussions, and debates are encouraged to view the meeting video in its entirety or by using the time markers above on Meetings may also be viewed on our Community TV Channel 98.)


Respectfully submitted on behalf of,


Dick Ciocca


CVEMM Board of Directors


The signature above indicates only that these are the minutes adopted by the Board of Directors in open session on ____________, 2017.