President Gene Goldman called to order the regular meeting of the elected volunteer Board of Directors of CVE Master Management at 9:30 a.m.


Gene informed the audience of the sign-in sheet in the back of the room if they wish to speak at Open Mic, and may address the Board if name is not on the list if time permits.


Roll Call:

Present – Gene Goldman, Michael Routburg, Barry Warhoftig


Remote – Fred Rosenzveig, Pierre Laliberté, Marjorie Kopacsi, and Joe Roboz (entered the meeting at 9:41 a.m.)


Absent – Dick Ciocca, Mel Nass


Gene wished Dick Ciocca well as he recovers from surgery.


Gene noted in attendance: Rita Pikar, Chairperson of the COOCVE Recreation Advisory Committee and Bernie Parness, Deerfield Beach Commissioner.


Following the Pledge of Allegiance, a moment of silence was held for those who gave their lives in service to preserve our democracy.


Gene mentioned the violence in the country and hoped people keep the rhetoric down and act in a civil and appropriate manner.



Meeting Minutes:                                                                                                  (9:33:34 a.m.)

The Board approved the Minutes of the May 11, 2017, MM Board Meeting as presented.


President’s Report – Gene Goldman, President:                                                 (9:34:13 a.m.)

  • Golf Course Property –

Gene advised to date all updates have been communicated, written, or emailed which is the best way for Residents to receive information. He reiterated, although no formal documentation has been received, Toll Brothers’ plan is to build approximately 230 two-story townhouses in a gated, secured community separated from Century Village East on Area 5 (20 acres adjacent to Military Trail) with lake expansion into Area 4 on their property and will accommodate the Village drainage. Areas 1, 2, 3, & 4 would then be offered to MM as remediated property per state guidelines to be developed into a passive park. Due to contract negotiations, it may be three- to four-year process from sale to development. Gene hoped Toll Brothers will continue to be receptive and hold meetings for the buildings in the Village most affected. Gene reminded residents of the numerous attempts to purchase the golf course property in the past. For any follow-up questions or concerns contact MM customer service.


Per Member comment, Gene confirmed Toll Brothers is aware MM would not accept the land if it were not done within remediation guidelines and acknowledged Mayor Ganz, Kelly’s work with the City, and the City Commissioner’s participation.


(Refer to Time Stamp for full discussion.)


  • Gatehouses –      (9:40:47 a.m.)

Gene reminded residents the gatehouse project was put on hold pending legal resolution and a challenge by a Resident suggesting MM’s legal authority. With the assistance of legal counsel, an emergency hearing is set for next Thursday and is hopeful the Court rules in favor of MM’s favor. Pending the outcome, MM will promptly resume the gatehouse and entrance road project construction. Due to delay, MM will try hard to complete both gatehouses.


Financial Report – Kelly O’Meara Hampton:                                                        (9:43:43 a.m.)

For the month ending May 31, 2017, the Revenue was $998,867 and Expenses were $913,766. The Net Revenue exceeded Expenses by $85,102. YTD Revenue was $5,009,443 and YTD Expenses were $4,989,966. The YTD Revenue exceeded Expenses by $19,478.


The balance sheet is showing Cash on Hand of $1,175,768. The Net Assessments Receivable on uncollected items was $170,072. Total Assets were $3,421,918 with Total Liabilities of $3,463,842 and a Total Net Equity of negative $41,918.


Kelly explained the Expenses exceeding Revenue was due to new project deposits and will balance out by years’ end with a positive equity.


Per Member comment, Kelly confirmed the Village is in excellent financial shape and have very low uncollected items compared to the past. Gene was pleased with all the work accomplished for much less than years prior and was able to reduce the coupon by $6 per month, and thanked Kelly for her efforts.


Kelly complimented the staff’s very hard work to ensure needs of the community are addressed.


Executive Director’s Report – Kelly O’Meara Hampton:                                      (9:46:05 a.m.)  

  • Fence/Wall Perimeter –

Kelly said the need for an 8-foot fence or wall around the community is currently under investigation; seeking a variance from the city to submit a proposal.


  • Village Lighting –                                                                               (9:46:32 a.m.)  

Kelly drew attention to the need for updated Village-wide lighting and replacement of the disc-top lighting and hoped to address the options soon.


  • Gatehouses –                  (9:46:51 a.m.)  

Kelly hoped to discuss the gatehouse project in next couple of weeks.


  • Traffic Safety Project – Phase II –                                                          (9:47:06 a.m.)  

Due to the large size of the traffic safety project, Kelly advised the project would take longer than anticipated to become FDOT compliant and identification of all the street signs throughout the village to identify the different buildings. Phase II is 40% complete where MM is in the specific areas, with a handful of areas already completed. Kelly hoped once the specific areas are identified and paving and markings are completed in about the next six months, MM will ask the City for BSO’s presence in the Village. Approximately 14 area entrances are under review for increased safety beginning in July. Kelly informed property management companies will have maps indicating the specific areas to be worked on with dates. Next, paving all of Century Boulevard, East Drive, and West drive will begin and hoped to include gatehouses. Kelly concluded, significant construction will be occurring over the next several weeks which will require lane closures, detours, and bus schedule modification to one-hour revolutions. Kelly asked for patience and weather permitting, all paving to be concluded by mid-September, with an absolute deadline of any construction is mid-November.


(Refer to Time Stamp for full discussion.)


Kelly reminded residents to register on their website at and tune into Channels 98 and 99 for the latest updates and information.


  • Westbury Retaining Wall –                        (9:50:53 a.m.)

After a slight delay and some confusion as to which wall it was by the City which required additional steps, Kelly advised Vallen is working hard and anticipates the project will begin mid-July and take less than two months to complete.


Gene mentioned the various projects underway and was excited for their results, creating a fabulous community to live in and increase the property values. Kelly concurred.


Business:                                                                                                              (9:52:06 a.m.)                                                                

     New – 2017 Landscaping Plans


Kelly reported the 2017 landscaping plan includes 46 trees to be installed along Century Boulevard on MM property in the next couple weeks prior to paving.


Michael Routberg moved to authorize the Executive Director to move forward with the 2017 Landscaping Proposal as previously distributed with a maximum expenditure of $53,200. The motion was seconded by Joe Roboz. The motion passed unanimously.


Unfinished – None                                                                                             (9:53:24 a.m.)


Member Comments:                                                                                              (9:53:29 a.m.)

Barry remarked it will be a very busy summer and fall for the Village.


Gene was proud of the amount of worked accomplished in recent years while staying under budget without needing additional funds with the reduced fee.


Michael wished everybody a joyful, good, and safe Happy 4th; advised Residents to contact Bernie who is resourceful in connecting people to get things done; and to be well.


Marjorie was glad to be back in the Village; amazed with the Board’s efforts and has learned so much.


Gene pointed out the many hours spent learning at Board workshops.


Fred was pleased the Traffic Safety Project was 40% complete and looked forward to the addition of crosswalks connecting Grantham to the pool; desired a list of areas completed and what areas are scheduled next.


With respect for the community and in the interest of time, Gene commented the Board held a lengthy four-and-a-half-hour workshop; explained workshops were conducted almost weekly for Members to learn, ask questions, debate, argue, seek alternatives. He advised only legal and personnel matters are discussed and voted on permitted by law.


Adjourn:                                                                                                              (9:57:36 a.m.)

Meeting was adjourned at 9:57 a.m.



The next regular MM Board Meeting is scheduled for July 13, 2017, at 9:30 a.m. in the Activities Center.


(For greater detail, those wishing to hear all comments, discussions, and debates are encouraged to view the meeting video in its entirety or by using the time markers above on Meetings may also be viewed on our Community TV Channel 98.)








Respectfully submitted on behalf of,




Dick Ciocca


CVEMM Board of Directors


The signature above indicates only that these are the minutes adopted by the Board of Directors in open session on ____________, 2017.