President Gene Goldman called to order the regular meeting of the elected volunteer Board of Directors of CVE Master Management at 9:31 a.m.


Gene informed the audience of the sign-in sheet in the back of the room if they wish to speak at Open Mic.


Moving the meeting away from the agenda, Gene explained under MM’s Bylaws when a Director resigns between elections, the Board of Directors can fill that position until the next election, and welcomed new MM Board Members Mel Nass and Dr. Marjorie Kopacsi. A round of applause ensued.


Roll Call:

Present – Gene Goldman, Michael Routburg, Fred Rosenzveig, Dick Ciocca, Barry Warhoftig, Joe Roboz, Pierre Laliberté, Marjorie Kopacsi and Mel Nass.


Gene noted in attendance: Rita Pikar, Chairperson of the COOCVE Recreation Advisory Committee; Sylvia Smaldone, Chairperson of the Council of Area Chairmen. He congratulated Bernie Parness on his being elected the Commissioner of District 3. A round of applause ensued.


Following the Pledge of Allegiance, a moment of silence was held for those who gave their lives in service to preserve our democracy.


Meeting Minutes:                                                                                                         (9:34:52 a.m.)

The Board approved the Minutes of the February 16, 2017, MM Board Meeting; the February 23, 2017, MM Executive Session Meeting; and the March 1, 2017, MM Executive Session Meeting as presented.


Financial Report – Joe Roboz, Treasurer:                                                                          (9:35:53 a.m.)

For the month ending February 28, 2017, Revenues were stable. All 8,508 units were invoiced; rent and service fees totaled $998,000. The Expenses were $1,120,000. Joe explained three projects were underway with deposits of more than 50% of expenses for a total of $121,000 shortfall which will be made up as the year progresses because the MM budget is spread out. Going forward, project expenditure would be logged as prepaid expenses. MM spent a total of $2,191,000, short $192,000 YTD.

Joe noted the report provided to the Members that explained most of the expenses were MM fixed monthly service fees for the year to include sewer, water, cable, roads, transportation, and security, noting where MM varies are project started and completed throughout the year.



President’s Report – Gene Goldman, President:                                                         (9:38:08 a.m.)

  • Comment –

Gene was pleased with the amount of progress made this year and hoped to move forward with all the next year’s plans.


  • Golf Course Property –                               (9:38:20 a.m.)

Although no direct communication was received, Gene shared information gleaned from building residents, explaining the six buildings on the golf course would be meeting Friday with the Toll Brother’s Company to discuss potential impact. Gene himself and Kelly would attend the meeting to report back the latest updates. He advised the meeting was by invitation only for those who would be most affected.


Per Member comment, Gene confirmed MM property abuts the golf course property, noting Area 5 on Military Trail was the only area of concern at this point, as the other four plots of land remain more difficult to ever do anything with so the effect would be limited. He is unaware of any plans but will report any findings.


Executive Director’s Report – Kelly O’Meara Hampton:                                             (9:40:23 a.m.)

  • Legal Update –

Kelly acknowledged the Residents’ desire for legal updates but to date, no additional information has been reported and hoped to provide additional information in the near future.


  • Disc Top Lighting –                                                     (9:40:50 a.m.)

Kelly advised MM was awaiting a legal opinion for possible lighting replacements or upgrades throughout the Village as well as researching available options. Results were expected in the next month or so.


  • Kelly advised most of MM’s new projects approved at the last Board Meeting are in for permit. Went through them quickly:
  1. LeClub Sound System & Acoustics –                     (9:41:25 a.m.)

Kelly was excited to announce the deposit for the LeClub sound system and acoustics equipment was made and anticipates installation would begin in the next couple months once the equipment is received.


  1. 2017 Roadway Repaving Project –                     (9:41:44 a.m.)

Kelly advised paving all of Century Blvd and portions of East Drive and West Drive is currently in for a permit and anticipates commencement of the project in mid-May for completion by July.


  1. Westbury Retaining Wall –                               (9:42:00 a.m.)

Kelly advised MM met with the Westbury B Association president to address the retaining wall, and expected the permit to be returned in the next couple months to begin the project. She anticipates the project to take about six weeks.


  1. LED Lighting –                               (9:42:27 a.m.)

Kelly reported the LED lighting upgrades at LeClub Center, MM offices, the medical center, parking lots, and internal lighting has commenced and anticipates project completion in the next couple weeks.


  • Traffic Safety Project – Phase II – (9:42:50 a.m.)

After Barry was introduced by Kelly, he reported Phase I of the Traffic Safety Project was about 95% complete and Phase II has begun with survey work on the residential roadways within the Village through June to include signage Indicators with a concentration of 15-mile-an-hour signs. He said all signage will be analyzed by the utility companies and FDOT which is a slow process.


Discussion ensued by the Board regarding crosswalks, signage, traffic control, and law enforcement. (Refer to time stamp to hear full discussion.)


Moving away from the agenda, Gene acknowledged current Deerfield Beach Commissioner and Vice Mayor, Richard Rosenzweig’s presence at the meeting.


Additional discussion ensued by the Board regarding signage for direction and identification of buildings and location in the Village. (Refer to time stamp to hear full discussion.)


After comments by the Board, Kelly advised Residents to consult with MM customer service before making changes to their property outdoors to avoid utility disruption.


Kelly thanked Barry and Lori for their efforts on the Traffic Safety Project.


  • Bike/Walking Path –                                                                                     (10:09:42 a.m.)

Kelly addressed the ongoing issues regarding the bike/walking path, stating a pedestrian was struck in the walkway by a bicyclist. She explained the expansion of the pathway was not possible due to the irrigation placement on either side. Kelly reminded Residents to be respectful of one another.


Gene commented on the bike/walkway path.


  • Construction Debris –            (10:11:54 a.m.)

Kelly stated the increase in construction debris at dumpsters has been problematic and costly for MM. She asked Residents to contact security or MM customer service with any information leading to Residents or companies disposing of construction debris and if possible to take pictures.


Per Member inquiry, Kelly confirmed contractors are required to remove construction debris from the property.


Business:                                                                                                                      (10:13:53 a.m.)                                                                     

     Unfinished – None


     New – None


Member Comments:                                                                                                   (10:14:14 a.m.)

Barry, on behalf of Lori and himself, thanked and appreciated the cooperation received regarding the signs and markings and was confident most problems have and will be resolved as they come up; noting communication is an effective way to resolve problems.


Gene complimented the community and stated only a few people are difficult, as true in every place, suggesting if everyone speaks with courtesy to each other things go smoothly.


Dick referred to his earlier comment regarding bicyclists; asked if there are signs, on behalf of the disability act, to explain why certain things happen in the Village such as the lights that go on and off in the bathrooms automatically, and suggested an article be placed in the newspaper addressing the matter.


Marjorie informed the back gate was being worked on. Kelly advised, in light of the Gatehouse Project postponement, the pedestrian gate at the West entrance was being worked on and will be accessible with the Resident ID card.


Gene commented the most critical part of the Gatehouse Project was the addition of access lanes into the Village at the East Drive and West Drive entranceways.


Marjorie suggested Associations mark their buildings for ease of identification.


Fred suggested referring to the Gatehouse Project as the “Community Access Project” in light of the fact the project was designed to increase entry into the Village by 50% as well as technology upgrades to the barcode system; requested retrofit lighting be added to building identification markers; advising the contract with the largest service provider in Century Village, found when you purchase a letter/building marker it comes with free installation and possible light relocation.


Barry commented larger buildings may need more than one identifier and suggested mentioning the topic at an Area Chair Meeting.


Fred suggested exploring the possibility of adding markings along the bike/walking path.


Michael welcomed Mel and Marjorie to the Board; congratulated Commissioner Bernie Parness; and thanked Richard Rosenzweig for his service. A round of applause ensued. Finally, FDOT has scheduled another presentation on April 6, 2017, at the Double Tree Hotel (on the other side of I-95 going south); he desired a meeting be held with FDOT to discuss the approved recommendations and projects; wished everybody a happy holiday season and to be well, safe, and peaceful.


Pierre, on behalf of many French-Canadian people, expressed disappointed in delay in the gatehouse project; many have expressed interest in the golf course property be reopened as a golf course and desired MM explore the possibility and issue a feasibility survey for Resident feedback. Both Gene and Kelly took the matter under advisement.


Mel asked if inquiry can be posed to the utility companies come out regarding additional light in or around outdoor patios.


Gene stated flammable fluids, including gas tanks, were prohibited in the buildings; pointing out building Associations and their Boards must be held accountable and that the president himself does not have authority.


Joe requested MM evaluate the requirements, demand, and costs for widening the roadways or sectioning off a pathway for bicyclists. Gene took the matter under advisement. Barry pointed out the variance of bicyclists and resizing/adding of bike lanes create several issues. Kelly reminded there are many projects already in the works and that take priority.


Joe requested the Board’s patience as he revised the financial report to include a breakdown of MM plans month/year to date; mentioned in addition to building markers, individual door identifiers are useful to vehicle traffic; desired the golf course be reopened as a golf course and use and ownership of the property was discussed. Gene concluded the property is not owned by MM; therefore, was not up for discussion.


Mel desired MM look into the possibility of a fueling station for electric cars. Gene agreed there needs to be dialog about it but would not be an item for discussion without Board approval.


Gene thanked Kelly and the staff for all the accomplishments made in a short period of time. A round of applause ensued.


Dick asked what BSO can do to prevent blocking the roadways to the Village from Hillsboro Blvd. Kelly stated herself and Lori had met with the city manager and area police chief and will follow up.


Announcements:                                                                                                        (10:44:47 a.m.)

The next regular MM Board Meeting is scheduled for April 13, 2017, at 9:30 a.m. in the Activities Center.



Adjourn:                                                                                                                      (10:45:29 a.m.)

Meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.


(For greater detail, those wishing to hear all comments, discussions, and debates are encouraged to view the meeting video in its entirety or by using the time markers above on Meetings may also be viewed on our Community TV Channel 98.)



Respectfully submitted on behalf of,


Dick Ciocca


CVEMM Board of Directors


The signature above indicates only that these are the minutes adopted by the Board of Directors in open session on ____________, 2017.