President Gene Goldman called to order the regular meeting of the elected volunteer Board of Directors of CVE Master Management at 9:31 a.m.

Gene informed the audience of the sign-in sheet in the back of the room if they wish to speak at Open Mic.

Roll Call:

Present – Gene Goldman, Dick Ciocca, Barry Warhoftig, Mel Nass

Remote – Joe Roboz, Pierre Laliberté

Absent – Michael Routburg, Fred Rosenzveig, Marjorie Kopacsi

Gene reported tremendous floods in Montreal, Canada and believes Fred had to be evacuated from the area, advising he will call in if available.

Gene noted in attendance: Charles Parness, President of COOCVE; Rita Pikar, Chairperson of the COOCVE Recreation Advisory Committee; Sylvia Smaldone, Chairperson of the Council of Area Chairmen; and Bernie Parness, Deerfield Beach Commissioner.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, a moment of silence was held for those who gave their lives in service to preserve our democracy.

Meeting Minutes:                                                                                                  (9:34:24 a.m.)

The Board approved the Minutes of the April 13, 2017, MM Board Meeting; the April 13, 2017, MM Executive Session; and the May 4, 2017, MM Executive Session as presented.

President’s Report – Gene Goldman, President:                                                 (9:35:38 a.m.)

  • Golf Course Property –

Gene read the following statement issued on behalf of the Board:

The Board of Directors of CVE Master Management Co, Inc. has received a preliminary proposal regarding the golf course property from Toll Brothers, a prominent development company.

The proposal is for them to develop lot 5 bordering Military Trail, and turn over lots 1, 2, 3, and 4, an area of approximately 60 acres, to CVEMM on behalf of the residents of Century Village East as a passive park, in order to prevent future development of the property.

Given the preliminary assurances made by Toll Brothers regarding the property, Master Management has no objection at this time to the preliminary proposal.

If and when Toll Brothers presents a formal agreement regarding the proposed park land, which satisfies the requirements and demands of Master Management, the BOD will take that final agreement into consideration at that time and vote appropriately.

The BOD has for years attempted to secure the entire golf course property and protect it from development without success. The Board understands and recognizes the upset and frustration of those residents in the six associations most directly affected by the proposed development. The Board is not able to alter the legal sale of the property. The Board also hopes that this proposal of development will have the least negative impact and the greatest future protection against any further development in the midst of the CVE community. It is a difficult choice, but it must be made and it can’t be made now. And given the high rate of golf course development, we hope that this works out to the benefit of our Community.

Gene explained with the construction and development around the Community, pointing out the one-mile stretch of the Deer Run Community along the fence from Ventnor C to the end of the Activity’s Center property; the one-half mile of CVE property along Newport Road with the Prescott buildings on the right bordered by an industrial park; and the expansion of 10th Street as examples, the Village has been protected and have dealt with these issues effectively. He indicated the sheriff commented the Village has the least crime rate of any area and unfortunately, most crime in the Village was a result of its own residents and guests.

Kelly advised MM is compiling historical data and will send an email blast by Tuesday with a website link to access old meeting videos, reports, and any information issued over that duration of time for review. Additionally, it will be a couple of years before Toll Brothers purchases the property so MM has time to discuss the option more. Future meetings will be scheduled with Toll Brothers to gather more information, address concerns, and updates will be given as available.

Gene concluded once a formal contract is presented to the Board, their only choice will be to vote or not vote to accept the golf course property.

(Refer to time stamp to hear full discussion.)




Financial Report – Kelly O’Meara Hampton:                                                          (9:42:41 a.m.)

For the month ending April 30, 2017, the Revenue was $998,678 and Expenses were $890,590. The Net Revenue exceeded Expenses by $108,590. YTD Revenue was $4,010,570 and YTD Expenses were $4,088,024. The YTD Expenses exceeded Revenues by $77,454.

The balance sheet is showing Cash on Hand of $1,406,735. The Net Assessments Receivable on uncollected items was $175,842. Total Assets were $3,681,163 with Total Liabilities of $3,819,768 and a Total Net Equity of negative $138,605.

Kelly explained, as previously discussed earlier in the year, it’s not uncommon to have Expenses exceeding Revenue due to project deposits. As the year progresses it will balance out to end with a positive equity.


Executive Director’s Report – Kelly O’Meara Hampton:                                      (9:44:34 a.m.)  

  • Announcements –
  1. Kelly was excited to introduce Vallen Smikle as Director of Planned Projects, and welcomed his expertise coming from Recreation and Bay Management.
  2. Kelly was excited to announce Robert Streather’s promotion to Director of Maintenance Operations.

After each announcement, a round of applause ensued.

Kelly reminded of Loris Douvris’ resignation a few weeks ago due to her new role as Director of Construction with the City of Oakland Park. And due to restructuring, Kelly advised the role was split in two with Robert overseeing maintenance operations to include landscaping, facilities maintenance, et cetera and Val will oversee new projects to include Westbury Wall, Village lighting, et cetera.        

  • Traffic Safety Project – Phase II –                                                          (9:46:35 a.m.)  

After Barry was introduced by Kelly, he explained the project consisted of two phases: Phase I are the main roadways; Century Boulevard, East Drive, and West Drive which is 98% complete with the installation of signage along those roads and  Phase II are the individual areas to upgrade all the speed limit postings, road name signs, pedestrian signs, curve signs, et cetera in the Village. Due to the underground utilities (electric, cable, water, sewer) placement, each post, 800 to 1,000 total, will need to be reviewed and cleared for placement so it will take some time. He provided a signage placement update: 98% of the signs have been updated at Farnham and Berkshire, 90% of all signs completed in Harwood. The next area of work is in Grantham at 40% completed. Active signage surveys are being conducted in Lyndhurst, Swansea, Upminster, Tilford, Oakridge, and Markham. In the next two weeks signage surveys will be issued for the areas of Ventnor, Prescott, Ellesmere, Islewood, and Keswick. Future areas to be scheduled will include Ashby, Richmond, Newport, Durham, Cambridge, and Westbury.

Barry was hopeful BSO would perform routine traffic patrol in the Village once all updates of the traffic control devices are completed in the Village.

Gene acknowledged Barry’s former role as the Director of Traffic Engineer for the state of West Virginia; thanked staff members and Barry for volunteering his expertise, knowledge, and support on the Traffic Safety Project. A round of applause ensued.

Per Member comment, Barry replied the painted markings and flag indicators are potential sign locations for review and clearance. Kelly thanked Barry for his assistance.

  • Westbury Retaining Wall –                        (9:52:44 a.m.)

Kelly advised the permit with the city was delayed as a result of additional landscaping and tree installation. She hoped to have the permit back soon to begin work it over the summer for completion by season.

  • LeClub Sound System & Acoustics –                                                               (9:53:06 a.m.)

Kelly was excited to report the installation of the acoustic panels and sound system equipment is expected to be completed by the end of the week.

  • Board Workshop –      (9:53:22 a.m.)

Kelly advised a Board Workshop at the end of May was scheduled to discuss potential solutions to the Village lighting.

  • Paving Project –        (9:53:36 a.m.)

Kelly mentioned the previous Board’s approval of the $530,000 to move forward

with repaving all of Century Boulevard and portions of East Drive and West Drive. Approval of a civil engineer to oversee the massive project was requested. Kelly introduced Barry who summarized the safety concerns for both pedestrians and drivers. He outlined the bulk of the money would be used to narrow the 20 to 30 roadways that intersect with the walkway paths and replace the asphalt with grassy areas and lane extensions by Keswick and Durham. Also, the money spent now will reduce the amount needed over the next couple years for repaving. (Refer to time stamp to hear full discussion.)

Barry commented the use of a qualified engineering company to monitor the repaving process was highly recommended.

Kelly anticipates the paving project to begin in the next couple weeks and will last a month or two, indicating most work would be performed at night to minimize traffic disruption. Email blasts, the CVE website, as well as Channel 98 will contain up-to-date Community information when available, and encouraged residents to register on if they have not done so.

Barry added the project will include roadway restriping and highly reflective nighttime markings; noting these enhancements will be bring Century Village up to FDOT and national standards for the first time ever. Kelly concurred.

Barry Warhoftig moved to authorize the Executive Director to increase the 2017 Paving Budget by $167K to include change order #1 and increase the current paving plan to include additional areas of roadway and engagement of a civil engineer to ensure quality assurance and oversight of the project. The motion was seconded by Dick Ciocca.   The motion passed.

Gene thanked Kelly for her report, and commented on the engineer issue.

Business:                                                                                                              (10:02:08 a.m.)                                                                

     Unfinished – None 

     New – Paving Project 2017 – Change Order #1

               (Refer to Line Item Number 6 of the Executive Director’s report.)


Member Comments:                                                                                            (10:02:21 a.m.)

Mel announced dumpster enhancements are underway with the assistance of Commissioner Bernie Parness. 10 dumpsters have been ordered and installation will be prioritized based on their condition. He encouraged Residents to send a picture and location of their dumpsters for review.

Gene thanked and appreciated Mel’s efforts and explained the information gathered would be presented to Kelly and staff for review. Dumpster replacement will begin with the worst condition of bin first. Kelly concurred. Mel commented a potential contest entry for worst dumpster in the Village may be considered.

Dick drew attention to the audience turnout and emphasized the golf course property gossip is not accurate and to find official information and updates via needs to be handled quietly, patiently, with facts and figures and to avoid gossip and go right to the source for information: CVEDB website for official information, meetings on Channel 98, and the Reporter. Gene agreed.

For time management purposes, Gene announced only two comments during Open Mic on each topic are permitted.

Adjourn:                                                                                                               (10:09:20 a.m.)

Meeting was adjourned at 10:09 a.m.


Announcements:                                                                                                  (10:09:22 a.m.)

The next regular MM Board Meeting is scheduled for June 15, 2017, at 9:30 a.m. in the Activities Center.

(For greater detail, those wishing to hear all comments, discussions, and debates are encouraged to view the meeting video in its entirety or by using the time markers above on Meetings may also be viewed on our Community TV Channel 98.)

Respectfully submitted on behalf of,


Dick Ciocca


CVEMM Board of Directors


The signature above indicates only that these are the minutes adopted by the Board of Directors in open session on ____________, 2017.