ATTENTION RESIDENTS: The City of Deerfield Beach is conducting audits throughout the entire city to determine the level of contaminated materials being discarded in the recycle bins. Currently, the City has discontinued recycling at over 100 single family homes for excessive contamination, and CVE could be facing the same dilemma as a result of our poor recycling habits. If we continue to throw incorrect items into our recycle bins we will lose our recycling privileges. Consequently, all recyclables will be processed as garbage which will result in an INCREASE IN COST from the City of Deerfield Beach. Please thoroughly read all content below! We have provided some videos and links that explain proper recycling practices in detail:

CLICK HERE for more information about recycling from the City of Deerfield Beach.

Click here to view Century Village East Recycling Tips

Please Note: Master Management still has FREE Recycle Bags! One bag per household.

We sincerely thank all residents who have participated in our efforts to recycle the proper way!