Just a few reminders about security and access control as we ask you to help keep the village a safe place. Below are a few frequently asked questions along with answers.

  1. What is the best number to use to call guests in?
    Main Gate: 954-421-3552 or via the automated call-in system at 954-421-2556. It is important to note in order to utilize the automated call-in system, your telephone number has to be registered in advance by going to the ID office in person to complete the registration process.
  2. How do I get my phone number registered with the community so I can call guests in?
    Contact the ID Office in person or via phone 954-428-6892 ext. 3. Both methods require you to have your CVE ID available for verification.
  3. When I call in a guest how long will they remain on the access list?
    24 hours from the time it is logged into the system.
  4. What is the best number to call if I need security to come to my building?
    Main Gate: 954-421-3552
  5. If there is an emergency should I call security or 911?
    It is always the best practice to call 911 first. Security will follow police and ambulance to the site of any incident.

Thank you for your diligence.