The Master Management Board of Directors would like to extend a warm holiday greeting to all the residents of Century Village East! As of January 1st, the monthly maintenance fee increases to $122 per month to cover the cost of the approved capital projects for the year that include the construction of a perimeter wall around the community, Village-wide replacement and addition of new lighting, construction of three new gatehouses, and replacement of the electrical and theater lighting in Le Club.

Please click here to review the 2018 approved budget.

  • We are proud to report that 2017 was a great year with lots of accomplishments:
  • 80% completion of the traffic safety project with new signage getting us closer to having Broward County Sheriff’s Office patrol the Village for traffic violations.
  • Completion of the 2017 paving project, which included the re-paving of Century Boulevard and portions of East and West Drive, with new roadway striping.
  • Installation of ADA compliant detectable warning pads along Century Boulevard.
  • Optimization of our bus routes and synchronizing the internal and external routes to a thirty-minute schedule.
  • Recovery from Hurricane Irma, with quick roadway clean-up and quick response in salvage of our trees (fifty of which were newly installed).
  • Resolution of all old litigation dating back to 2005.

As Master Management moves to a system for collection of fees internally, whereby Seacrest provided this service for us in the past, there will be a delay in receiving coupon books for those not making their payments electronically. We expect coupon books to be mailed out by mid-January, so those waiting for coupon books will need to make their payment by one of the methods identified in the included flyer. Once coupon books are delivered, for February payments, we ask folks to use the coupon book and ensure you include your account number on your check, in addition to including the corresponding coupon receipt with your check submission.

Please feel free to contact the Master Management office at 954.421.5566 Extension 954223 with any questions, as we are happy to help you with this new process.

We thank you for your continued patience while we work to provide you the best service.