Multi-use Path Rules

CVE Master Management has a new set of rules covering how walkers and bikers need to share the village’s mixed-use paths. The rules are a combination of reiterating existing laws for bicycles as well as suggestions on how both bikers and walkers should govern themselves.

The new protocols coincide with the addition of new yellow striping down the center of the paths along Century Boulevard. The new markings are intended to mimic roadway striping to encourage users (both on foot as well as on bikes) to stay to the right when on the paths.

New Rules


  • Walkers should not block the walkway standing and talking and move over to the grass area to let bikes pass.
  • Walkers should not walk more than two abreast.
  • Walkers should be courteous to bikers and move over when they hear the bell or horn to let them pass.
  • Walkers should wear a reflector visible back and front at night.
  • Walkers should keep to the right.


  • By law bikes must be equipped with a bell or horn to warn walkers they are passing.
  • Bikers should be courteous to walkers.
  • Bikers must follow all pedestrian rules and regulations.
  • Bikers should keep to the right of the yellow center lines except to pass walkers. 
  • By law bikes must have a white light on front and a red light on back at night.


  • Bikers should ride in the same direction as traffic.
  • Bikers should keep to the right.
  • Bikers must follow all traffic regulations (stop signs, pedestrian crosswalks, etc.)
  • By law bikes must have a white light on front and a red light on back at night.


  • Florida Law Section 316.20655(7) entitled “Electric Bicycle Regulations” expressly states that an operator of an electric bicycle may ride where bicycles are allowed including but not limited to streets, highways, roadways, shoulders, bicycle lanes, or multi-use paths.
  • Electric Bikers should follow items 2 and 3 above.