Xfinity Services


General Information

CVE Master Management pays for cable television service in each unit of the Village.  The service is provided by Xfinity, and is included in the monthly coupon fee paid by each unit.  Residents have the choice of using the level of Xfinity service provided, augmenting the level of service at their expense.

Our New Agreement with Xfinity

Service is provided under a multi-year agreement between CVE Master Management and Xfinity.  In 2023, CVE Master Management negotiated a new agreement with Xfinity in order to secure better terms and better services for residents.

New Benefits in the 2023 Agreement

In 2023, a 10-year contract with Comcast/Xfinity expired.  As part of its plan to explore all options, CVE Master Management surveyed residents to determine what services were most important to residents. Following the survey results, CVE Master Management solicited proposals from several cable television providers. Among the criteria used to evaluate each proposal was cost, customer service, level of technology, channels provided, and types of services.

At the conclusion of the process, after receiving several concessions from Xfinity, CVE Master Management chose to sign a new contract with Xfinity. The new agreement includes several benefits for residents:

  • Benefit #1: No mandated WiFi charges

The new agreement does not require every unit to pay for WiFi services.  After surveying residents, it was clear that not all residents wanted to pay for year-round WiFi. This was due to either temporary seasonal occupancy, the use of cell service for WiFi, or a lack of need for the service.  As a result, the new contract does not include mandated charges for WiFi service.

  • Benefit #2: Shorter contract duration means better opportunity to improve services

In the past, Comcast required the Village to commit to a 10-year agreement.  This is common for agreements between communities and cable providers. Being locked into a 10-year contract prevented the Village from seeking alternative services for a decade.  The Village was prevented from taking advantage of new technologies, new competitors, or less expensive alternatives for 10 years.  The new contract is only 5 years in length.  This will allow the Village to seek the best new services and competitive prices in half the time.

  • Benefit #3: Unprecedented Customer Service

The new agreement includes FREE customer service for Village residents.  CVE Master Management required Xfinity to have a repair technician IN THE VILLAGE every Tuesday.  The technician will be at the Clubhouse to assist residents with service questions and information. During 'season,' Xfinity will provide two and possibly three technicians on the property to help residents. If you require a home service call, the new agreement eliminates the usual service call fees (as long as you schedule your appointment with the representative on the property).  This saves residents $100 per service call.  The new agreement also requires same-day service, and any technician that comes to your home is required to provide all needed equipment on the spot.  You will not be required to travel to an Xfinity office to get equipment, nor will you have to wait for it to arrive in the mail.

  • Benefit #4: Upgraded X1 boxes

The new agreement requires Xfinity to provide their new, state-of-the-art X1 boxes (up to two) to all units. You will also receive their new voice-activated remotes.

Download the Xfinity App: Click HERE.